MWEB ISP popularity grows with gamers

Comparing MyGaming survey results from March 2012 and September 2012, it is interesting to note that MWEB has gained substantial popularity among the MyGaming sample – a growth of 10%.

The only other statistically significant change was in Web Africa, who went from 13.82% in March 2012, to 9.47% in September 2012.

ADSL is by far the most popular primary gaming connection among SA’s gamers, with 79.93% of our latest sample using this connection type.

With a March 2012 sample of 1045 responses, and a September 2012 sample of 912 responses, we are now getting a much better picture of the high-end SA gaming market.

The following table compares the ADSL service providers results between the two surveys. The results are ordered according to popularity in September 2012.

ADSL Internet Service Provider MyGaming Survey (March 2012) MyGaming Survey (September 2012)
MWEB 32.05% 42.8%
Afrihost 18.70% 19.2%
Telkom Internet 17.95% 16.05%
Web Africa 13.82% 9.47%
Openweb 4.23 3.02%
Axxess N/A 2.33%
Internet Solutions 3.38% 2.19%
Cybersmart 2.26% 1.78%
Other 7.05% 1.51%
FNB Connect N/A 0.82%
@lantic Vox 0.56% 0.69%

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MWEB ISP popularity grows with gamers

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