SA Medal of Honor Warfighter servers confirmed: iGame

iGame has confirmed it will be hosting Medal of Honor Warfighter server instances for PC. The title launches in SA on 26 October 2012.

“We feel that Medal of Honor Warfighter will be a strong contender amongst the local gaming community as it delivers a mix in gameplay styles between the fast, action-based gameplay of the Call of Duty franchise and the tactical gameplay that is characteristic of the Battlefield franchise. In essence we believe that this game will provide gamers with the best of both worlds, said Zahir Khan, head of product at iGame Online.

“We look forward to delivering the same high standard of service with Medal of Honor Warfighter as with all the other titles already hosted by iGame.”

Server instances on release (these instances will be scaled up to cater for local demand):

  • ZA iGame LZ (Home Run)
  • ZA iGame Xray (TDM)
  • ZA iGame Kilo (TDM)

Check out the screenshots below, and catch up on all the Medal of Honor: Warfighter news.

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SA Medal of Honor Warfighter servers confirmed: iGame

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