007 Legends review round-up

007 Legends releases this week, and features an overarching storyline which links up pivotal missions and events from some of the franchises biggest films, meeting up and concluding with the 23rd film scheduled for later this year, Skyfall. But as gamers, we’re always sceptic on video game/movie adaptations, so with that in mind, how is Legends fairing with the critics?

It seems that 007’s flashbacks to his most memorable missions aren’t being received as hoped.

007 Legends currently holds a Metascore of 54 and a Gamerankings of 59% (on Xbox 360), with most reviewers taking a negative stance on Eurocom’s take on the legendary agent.

IGN – 4.5/10

“An abhorrent ‘tribute’ to the history of the British super spy that doesn’t just take liberties – it takes the piss.” Read the full review.

Game Informer – 4/10

“It’s a bad game when it’s working, but there are plenty of moments that make you wonder how it even got cleared for release. Enemy AI frequently freaks out, causing soldiers to endlessly sprint against walls (often firing their guns at the ground). At one point, the framerate dropped to unplayable levels, except it wasn’t during a firefight – I was just walking around.” Read the full review.

OXM – 6/10

“There are some fun sequences, like a gas-masked romp through Goldfinger’s Fort Knox and zero-gravity battles in Moonraker’s space station. But rather than explore the full potential of its settings and armaments, 007 Legends too frequently wastes time with disposable hacking mini-games, scan-for-evidence fingerprint hunts, and laughable button-prompt fisticuffs.” Read the full review.

Canadian Online Gamers – 55/100

“I really wanted to love 007 Legends, given the source material they had to rely on, as well as how I had enjoyed the previous Bond games; however, at the end of the day I am left underwhelmed by the whole experience having played what I view as a average game at best.” Read the full review.

Gaming Trend – 69/100

“007 Legends lets us see Bond, but never actually be the suave, debonair, brash, and ultimately human British Secret Agent. Instead we are forced to watch as our generic agent shoots people in the face and then punches them in the sides for a few moments.”  Read the full review.

Gaming Nexus – 85/100

“007 Legends attempts to be a big, brassy tribute to 50 years of James Bond, but it ends up a little too ambitious for its own good, with a story that is more spectacle than substance and some new ideas that don’t work together as well as they should.” Read the full review.

So, has the initial reviews swayed you from picking up 007 Legends this week? Or are you a die-hard Bond fan, and keen to give Legends a try?

Let us know below and in the forums.

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007 Legends review round-up

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