DayZ and War Z are similar, but different

Since the announcement of War Z, there have been non-stop comparisons made between it and another popular zombie MMO, DayZ.

The two games do appear very similar, and while some gamers feel it’s either one or the other, a War Z executive producer believes they can co-exist.

“There is definitely room for two great games in the same genre and we think that the gaming audience will agree,” said Sergey Titov, executive producer on War Z.

“In fact we are fans of the mod. Ultimately, we hope that gamers will end up playing both The War Z and the DayZ standalone.”

War Z has received a heap of criticism about copying and cloning DayZ, and trying to cash in on the success of the uber-popular ARMA II mod.

“Though there are similarities, we tried to create a game that was a little bit easier to access and play, and that would allow players to be creative and create their own scenarios,” said Titov.

Both games are currently download only, but thanks to the popularity of DayZ, the mod is set to receive its own standalone retail release.

Source: VG247 

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DayZ and War Z are similar, but different

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