Borderlands Legends sets new waypoint for iOS

Borderlands is ready, set, SKAAAAAAGS for a launch on iPad and iPhone later this month, as unofficially outed by an ad in the Borderlands 2 digital strategy guide.

The (inevitable) iOS spin-off, Borderlands Legends, is apparently “specifically designed for mobile and tablet”, and features original Borderlands protagonists Roland, Lilith, Mordecai, and Brick who must “take out waves of enemies”. A vault hunter’s job is never done, especially not in skag mating season. The twist is, it’s always skag mating season.

According to the bullet-listed marketing blurb, Borderlands Legends also includes:

  • Randomised missions
  • Thousands of different weapons
  • 36 unique powers and abilities
  • Strategic cover system
  • Fight for your life mode

Although Gearbox hasn’t formally announced the game yet, the ad has it scheduled for launch in October, so that gives them about a week to catch up with everybody on the internet.

Source: Gearbox forums

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Borderlands Legends sets new waypoint for iOS

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