BioShock Infinite trailer has ice-cream, miniguns, aerial grappling

Just in case you thought the recent staff departures from the team, delays, and game mode cancellations meant that BioShock Infinite’s development might be in some trouble, Kevin Levine & Co. have dropped a new trailer with a hard rocking soundtrack to remind everybody to stand tall for the Beast of America, lay down like a naked dead body, keep it real for the people working overtime – they can’t stay living off the government’s dime.

The trailer shows off the series’ trademark madness, prominently featuring Bioshock Infinite’s all-new, all-radical Sky-Hook aerial grappling action. We also get a glimpse at some of the game’s locations, including Monument Park and Battleship Bay, as well as the Handyman and a totally creepy Boy of Silence.

Most importantly, perhaps, the trailer (re-)confirms a 26 February 2013 launch, so apparently everything over at Irrational Games is still happening on schedule. Until it isn’t, anyway, but is a man not entitled to some optimism?

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BioShock Infinite trailer has ice-cream, miniguns, aerial grappling

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