Some guy is already queuing for a Wii U a month before it’s out

The Wii won’t be out until 18 November in America, but that isn’t stopping one man from making preparations for the big day. Like, standing in line for almost a month before it’s actually out.

Nintendo super-mega-fan Isaiah-Triforce Johnson, whose real name is Isaiah-Triforce Johnson (really), is already camping outside the Nintendo World Store in Manhattan, New York “to make sure that I’ll be the 1st in the world to get the Nintendo Wii U”, according to his Twitter stream.

Triforce is also presumably unemployed and single.

It’s not the first time he’s called firsties on a Nintendo console – he was previously the first person to buy a Wii and 3DS in the country too, if you don’t count all the other people who bought those things at other shops around the east coast at the same time. Or the developers who have had Wii Us since, like, last year.

Source: VideoGamer

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Some guy is already queuing for a Wii U a month before it’s out

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