War Z producer calls campers “f**gots”, apologises

War Z executive producer Sergey Titov has let loose the drama llamas after raging on the game’s forums with some rather poorly considered word choices.

The forum post has since been edited to remove the offending language, but not before the original message was quoted by a number of other forum users and preserved for posterity.

“I’m trying to play at least couple hours a day every single day. Getting killed a lot, but 80 percent of all kills are ‘honest.’ I’m just being careless. I’m not trying to hide. 20 percent are sh***y kills by f**got’s who’s [sic] spawn camping,” Titov said. “Or by guys who just want to play the shooter and shoot everyone in sight.”

Titov later apologised for the post.

“First of all I think I owe an apology to some of you – in my last post I called some bad names toward some of you. So I’m sorry for calling you that.

“Based on couple comments on Gamespot (who made this my statement newsworthy – wow I’m real celebrity now) I realised that some people think that word f***t was used as mention to sexual orientation. WOW ! I don’t know where they coming from, but no – I used it as a curse.”

Titov also recently responded to the similarity claims between War Z and the popular ARMA II mod DayZ.

Source: TheWarZ forums via Gamespot

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War Z producer calls campers “f**gots”, apologises

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