Borderlands 2 dev hints at new character classes

Gearbox has made no secret about their plans for Borderlands 2 DLC – before the game was even launched, the studio had already confirmed that at least four additional “big, original, themed, fully built out” expansions were already in the works, as well as the pre-order incentive Mechromancer class, which was released a week or so later. But is the Mechromancer the game’s first and last class-based DLC? Apparently not.

Asked by a fan on Twitter if “there actually any plans whatsoever for more character classes to be added through DLC”, Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford said simply that “yes – we’re working on it.”

He’s also recently confirmed that there will be a level cap increase, suggested that there might be some new use for Eridium once you’ve maxed out your backpack and ammo slots, and officially approved a velociraptor wrangler  – although that last one might be too huge a concept even for Borderlands 2. Pandora just isn’t ready for that kind of revolution.

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Borderlands 2 dev hints at new character classes

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