Halloween Indie Royale bundle on sale now

A new Indie Royale bundle has been released, this one to tie in with Halloween.

As you’d expect then, you ‘re getting a bunch of games that fit the theme, in cluding: Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse, 2D survival-horror game Home, Russian FPS horror Pathologic, werewolf puzzle game MacGuffin’s Curse and action-RPG EvilQuest.

If you’ve never purchased an Indie Royale bundle before, it has a dynamic pricing system. There’s a minimum price you can pay, which is always lower in the beginning, rewarding early buyers. As more people buy the bundle, the price increases, unless a good Samaritan pays over the minimum price, which lowers the cost for everyone else.

At time of writing, the bundle is sitting at $5, so it’s still in major bargain territory. Already 10,000 have been purchased, and you still have another 6 days in which to do so – but remember, the earlier you buy the less you’ll pay.

If you pay over $8 however, you’ll get a copy of c-jeff’s album, Preschtale. You’ll also lower the price of the bundle, making you a certified internet nice guy.

Not convinced? Check out the trailer below, then head here to purchase the bundle: Indie Royale Halloween Bundle

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Halloween Indie Royale bundle on sale now

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