EA: Tablet adoption to climb like never before

EA has been aggressively targeting the social gaming market for the last year, but it’s no secret that the casual gaming sector has been struggling recently.

However, EA head of mobile and social Nick Earl thinks the rolling out of new tablets from the likes of Google and Microsoft means we’re about to see a massive spike in mobile gaming adoption.

“We’re seeing in a short period of time four new tablets come to the marketplace,” Earl said.

“The marketplace is already incredibly hot, and this just feels like it’s going into a new gear, and the adoption is going to continue to climb at never-seen-before rates.”

But what of the high-profile struggles of major social gaming names such as Zynga?

“When I look at social driving the business for EA, clearly there are headwinds there,” Earl said. “These are things I noticed 6-8 months ago, so we started to pivot toward the opportunity of tablets and smartphones at that point. And I’m really glad we did that because I think we’ve been able to pour our efforts into games that really flourished… Social games, I think they’ve reached a bit of maturation in their market and need to recorrect. We still have bets there, but the way I look at it is there’s just such an enormous opportunity on the mobile side of things, with tablets and smartphones, that’s where we’re really trying to double down.”

While Earl doesn’t believe that developing for the tablet market carries a large amount of risk, he does note that with the enormous amount of apps being released every day, getting your product discovered is becoming problematic.

“There’s only one number one spot, and there are more and more apps being launched every day,” Earl said. “It can be pretty challenging for developers to figure out how to work their way through that amount of content.”

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Source: GamesIndustry

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EA: Tablet adoption to climb like never before

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