Portal 2 fan-made expansion adds 8 new levels

There are experiments to run, there is research to be done, and you can be a part of Aperture Laboratories’ latest scientific initiatives, even if they’re not exactly according to… official protocols. Of course, nothing at Aperture Laboratories is going according to official protocols anymore, so that’s not strictly relevant anyway.

Patrick Murphy’s free Portal 2 expansion Designed for Danger is out now, and adds another eight test chambers to the game, with about one to two hours of gameplay. More than that, though, the expansion also features a sort of alternate narrative, and puts Portal 2 protagonist Chell back near the start of the game with a totally different outcome ahead of her. Poor Chell just can’t seem to get a break, but she should have thought of that before signing up.

Source: Kotaku

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Portal 2 fan-made expansion adds 8 new levels

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