Free copy of Fallen Enchantress for disgruntled Elemental buyers

Stardock used to be a big deal to a lot of PC gamers, mostly because they didn’t include any sort of DRM in Sins of a Solar Empire and made sure to tell everybody about it. Finally, PC gamers had an ally. Then the studio released the disastrous Elemental: War of Magic, everybody hated it, and Stardock was dumped like last night’s hook-up.

Now, they’re making up for that and trying to win back PC gamers’ notoriously hard hearts by giving out free copies of their new game, Fallen Enchantress.

In a letter to fans, Stardock boss Brad Wardell begged PC gamers to take him (and his company’s games) back, promising that this time, things would be better:

Dear Stardock customer,

My name is Brad Wardell. I’m the President & CEO of Stardock.  Two years ago, you bought a game from us called Elemental: War of Magic.  We had great hopes and ambitions for that game but, in the end, it just wasn’t a very good game.

Elemental was an expensive game. You probably paid $50 or more for it. And you trusted us to deliver to you a good game. $50 is a lot of money and companies have a moral obligation to deliver what they say they’re going to deliver and frankly, Stardock failed to deliver the game we said we were going to deliver.

While we did update Elemental: War of Magic (you can still download v1.4). Its design just wasn’t adequate to make it into the kind of game it should be. So we decided to start over. From scratch. We made a new game called Fallen Enchantress.

So even though it’s been two years, we haven’t forgotten about you.  This week, we released Fallen Enchantress. It is a vastly better game and, we believe, lives up to the expectations set for the original Elemental.  This game is yours. Free. It’s already been added to your account.

You can download and play it by going to

We hope you enjoy Fallen Enchantress.  Please feel free to visit the Elemental forum at if you wish to talk to me and the rest of the team. We’re there and very interested in your feedback.

Thank you for being our customers and your patience.


Brad Wardell
President & CEO

I’m guessing this only applies to those people who bought the game from Stardock’s own Impulse digital distribution platform, though, so if you’re just looking for random freebies, you’re out of luck.

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Free copy of Fallen Enchantress for disgruntled Elemental buyers

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