EA “not happy” with Medal of Honor: Warfighter reviews

EA’s latest man-shooter Medal of Honor: Warfighter hasn’t exactly been a big hit with the people playing it, but the publisher remains convinced that the people playing it are just wrong.

“Our internal assessment and mock review indicate the game is better than the scores,” EA boss Frank Gibeau said in an investor call yesterday, adding that “While we’re disappointed in the critical response, we believe this is a good game. We are not happy with how Warfighter has been received.”

Gibeau also admitted that sales of the game were “weaker than expected”, and likely to affect the company’s third-quarter cash balance. Despite this, he’s optimistic that Warfighter is a “good game with a receptive audience”, and that EA would continue to support the game in the future with DLC. So no shocks and awe there.

Sources: GamesIndustry, VG247

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EA “not happy” with Medal of Honor: Warfighter reviews

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