Halo 4 review fixing hoax: stupid conspiracy for stupid people

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“I think my favourite thing about working for a gaming website is the free consoles. I mean, I’ve got heaps of them. Every time I’m asked to review a game, you see, I get a free console – I mean, as long as I give the game a good review, of course. But hey, I just love the free consoles, so ethics and integrity – whatever,” said no gaming journalist ever.

But that doesn’t stop some gamers from believing that this sort of thing actually happens, and a very obviously very fake letter about Halo 4 reviews that’s currently going around the internet has once again got those people pointing smug fingers at everybody else and saying: “Told you so”.

halo 4 hoax PR letter


Quite apart from everything that’s so very obviously very fake about the letter, the PR company has confirmed that there’s no Terry Graves working there, and they don’t even represent Microsoft anyway.

Look, I get it. It’s hard seeing favourable reviews of games you hate even though you haven’t played them because they’re not even out yet. But come on, you can do better than paid-for reviews, surely. I expect nothing less than space-lizards controlling the New World Order for this stuff.

"The Source"

“The Source”

Source: Gameranx

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Halo 4 review fixing hoax: stupid conspiracy for stupid people

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