Online gaming specials this weekend

online gaming specials

Is it Friday already? Hell yes it is!

I’ve already got a brand new bottle of Jameson’s on my kitchen counter and a voucher for a 60-minute foot rub from my boyfriend. Okay, so maybe not strictly a voucher as such, but if I don’t get a foot rub tonight, he doesn’t get supper. Relationships are all about compromises.

Onto your weekend plans then, and if you’re not withholding bacon for massages, you can take advantage of the free Death Rally weekend on Steam. The game is also 50% off until Monday.

Death Rally screenshot

That’s a lot cheaper than trying this at home.

If reckless driving gets boring, the Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition is marked down to just $26.79 (R230), a big 33% savings on the regular price, but no real savings on your sanity. That’s kind of the point, though.

Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition

Prepare to die. Over and over and over.

Other Steam specials include:

Over on GOG, you can save a couple of buckazoids on Deponia and Chaos on Deponia (both $15.99), as well as Space Colony HD ($7.99).

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Gaming specials this weekend

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Online gaming specials this weekend

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