Molyneux’s Curiosity could come to PC

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Peter Molyneux’s experimental social game Curiosity has enjoyed a lot of success since release, as fans of clicking across the globe diligently chip away at the cube to discover what lies under each layer.

While Curiosity was originally supposed to make it to PC, the game’s resources have been pushed to their limits by the overwhelming response.

In an interview with Rock Paper Shotgun, Molyneux said the staff at 22cans are being worked off their feet just trying to keep everything stable.

“We would love to do a PC version,” he said, “but we are currently snowed under by the number of people using the Curiosity experiment in a few days.”

Molyneux did mention however that with the help of an outside publisher, a PC version could be possible.

“This is pushing our servers to the limit. We are currently all surviving on less than three hours sleep a night. I guess if we could find a publisher who could take on the work of a PC version we could consider it.”

Source: CVG

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Molyneux’s Curiosity could come to PC

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