Molyneux has doubts about Microsoft’s SmartGlass

Outspoken game developer Peter Molyneux isn’t convinced that Microsoft’s SmartGlass technology is a viable consumer product, and worries that it’s just a shiny new toy that “us tech boys get really excited about.”

In an interview with IGN, Molyneux voiced his concerns over the multi-screen Xbox interface.

“The thing about the SmartGlass is that the tablet is a thing that you have with you all the time. Now, in that sense, I understand completely as a consumer and I’m excited to see what these guys do with it,” he said. “But I do have a problem with it.

“I now have a screen in front of me on my lap and a screen up on the wall that I’m looking at. Which one should I be looking at? Should I be looking up at the big screen and down, or at my lap and up? Should I be checking down on my lap every few seconds? What’s going to incentivize me to move my eyes from the wall to my lap?”

Molyneux is however intrigued to see how developers solve the “where to look” issue.

“In a way, part of me is excited by this. But part of me is worried that this is a bit of tech which us tech boys get really excited about, and until I see some really great uses of that SmartGlass or the Wii U GamePad, the jury is out for me to be honest with you

“The real use for me is how it’s used as part of the entertainment experience, and then that divided attention that you’re demanding of a player is going to be really challenging to balance well.”

Source: CVG

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Molyneux has doubts about Microsoft’s SmartGlass

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