GTA V vs GTA IV graphics comparison

As everyone eagerly anticipated the GTAV trailer today (14 November 2012), some GTA fans are comparing the released screenshots with those of GTA 4.

One gamer in particular, RomanBOY123, took to the GTAForums and uploaded some great comparisons between Rockstar’s last and upcoming releases.

The GTA IV screenshots were grabbed on PC running at 1080P with only the HD Trees Mod.

While GTA IV is still a great looking game in all departments, it’s evident that Rockstar are really upping the ante with the visual presentation in GTA V.

GTA V details have been leaking out since GameInformer’s digital issue release, and we’re sure there’s going to be a whole lot more as soon as the trailer drops (keep an eye out for that on MyGaming).

Check out the screenshot comparisons below:



Source: GTAForums (screenshots from Gameinformer)

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GTA V vs GTA IV graphics comparison

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