Far Cry 3 on PC won’t support dedicated servers

In a move that’s sure to result in a lot of cancelled pre-orders for games that probably weren’t actually pre-orders and a lot of internet-based raging about “consolification”, publishers only being in it for the cash, and the imminent death of PC gaming (etc.), Ubisoft has confirmed that Far Cry 3 on PC won’t support dedicated servers for online multiplayer.

The news comes out of Ubisoft’s official forums, where community manager MSV-Vextor dropped the controversy-bomb.

“The online experience does not support dedicated servers,” he said.

“Of course we are not trying to kill the pc community,” he later added in response to the inevitable avalanche of complaints. “We have simply decided on a different way of handling multiplayer. We weighed the different options against each other to see what worked best, and what we came up with worked very well even without DS’s [sic].”

It shouldn’t really come as a big shock to PC gamers because Far Cry 2 didn’t support dedicated servers either, but you know it will come as a shock anyway, just because.

Far Cry 3 is out next Friday, 30 November.

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  • Vorastra

    Wait so Ubisoft is giving the finger to PC users once again. Not surprised.

  • CeeZedCee

    Well if FC2 didn’t have dedi servers they’re not really removing anything.

  • 2 horny 2 handle

    Kinda disappointing,but who is buying Far Cry3 for the mp anyways?

  • McTSA

    I played FC2 through at least 4 times that I can remember in SP only. I got plenty of entertainment from that. So I agree.

  • GamingGenius

    Did you really even have a pre-order in the first place? You placed a pre-order on the off-chance that they’d have a feature they never officially said they wouldn’t have until now?

  • I’m going to put in a pre-order just so I can cancel it.

    (That said, I did actually cancel my MW2 pre-order when I found out they were removing LAN, or dedicated servers, or whatever it was that they never really announced but I assumed was going to be in there because MW had it).

  • The Rich

    Agreed. Not sure if trolling.

  • GamingGenius

    How are they giving the finger if they are simply not implementing a feature they never had in the first place?

  • Vorastra


  • Anoobis

    Notice the “once again” part? implying that they’ve been giving us the finger the whole time. If you read what he said you would realise you just agreed with him because of the last part of your post. In simple English for you. They never had dedicated servers IE they were giving us the finger…they don’t have dedicated servers now IE they’re giving us the finger again.

  • Vorastra

    Ye from what I’ve seen, it’s basically a Skyrim with guns. So im perfectly happy with just the SP.

  • GamingGenius


Far Cry 3 on PC won’t support dedicated servers

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