Minecraft Reality puts your virtual creations into real life

Minecraft Reality by 13th Lab

One of the things I’ve never quite understood about Minecraft is, you know, the point of it. People spend hours, days, even months building amazing things for no good reason except to say that they did. Now, a new augmented reality app is going to change all that by superimposing your Minecraft creations on actual reality. Well, your photos and videos of actual reality. It’s close enough.

The Minecraft Reality app lets you upload your Minecraft objects to a website, and then “using advanced computer vision”, place those objects into your smartphone’s photos and videos like this:

Minecraft Reality screenshot

Cheaper and faster than building it out of Lego.

Finally, an opportunity to share your collection of monolithic genitalia with the world.

The $1.99 app is already available for iOS, although it’s optimised for iPhone 5, with “most functionality” not supported on the iPhone 4 or older devices.

Source: Engadget

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Minecraft Reality puts your virtual creations into real life

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