Afrihost ADSL problems addressed

Afrihost’s ADSL subscribers experienced slow speeds and high latency yesterday, caused by a router failure in London. This problem comes amidst a period of network instability from Afrihost after the company’s ADSL move from Internet Solutions to MTN.

Afrihost director Greg Payne explained that the London router failure forced them to route ADSL traffic over other paths, but the reduced capacity meant a degraded experience by subscribers.

“MTN has assured Afrihost that it is adding additional redundant international capacity to avoid these types of issues going forward,” said Payne.

Some Afrihost subscribers also complained about poor support from Afrihost. Payne said that the support problems can be explained by the network issues.

“During periods such as these, our call centre is inundated with calls and we apologise to all those clients who had to hold on the phone or did not receive a quick response from us,” said Payne.

“Afrihost is on a drive to vastly increase the number of technical support staff and all these positions are currently available on our website. It takes a bit of time to find the right people with the right skills and attitude, but we have been actively recruiting for the past three months and will continue to do so.”

Greg Payne

Greg Payne

Payne added that they recently launched a brand new version of their ClientZone, which gave a few problems after the launch. “These problems have been ironed out and it is now up and running,” said Payne.

“We would like to apologise to our clients for the poor service they have received recently. This makes us lose sleep at night and not many people at Afrihost have had a full night’s sleep recently,” said Payne.

“We would like to assure our clients that we won’t rest until we are happy (and more importantly, they are happy) that we are providing them with the absolutely best performance and service that they deserve.”

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  • Neji

    The thing that gets to me was that every time I logged a call I’ll get a reply and the call’s status would show that it was then closed. So then Afrihost in a sense is just lying to peoples when they say that they have a high call closure rate and that the network is working 100%.

  • The Rich

    Yep for me too. It sucks, coz I really like Afrihost’s clientzone.

  • The Rich

    Yeah it’s so irritating! It needs to end already!

  • I think Afrihost have had terrribly bad luck. Gotta admit that I’m about to change ADSL accounts, Afrihost was looking good until all this happened. Couple that with the fact that mweb are giving away 7 day uncapped test accounts. Think Afrihost might have to do the same thing, to prove to new customers that their network is super fine.

  • Tell me again how the Afrihost Clientzone improves your bandwidth stability? Or are you a Afrihost staffer?

  • The Rich

    Wow, bitter much? No I’m not an afrihost staffer either, although not sure if srs or just trolling.

  • 9gagception… the new clientzone sucks afrihost… why change a good thing? Give us reasons or ask us for input at least

  • I know at least 5 people who have cancelled with Afrihost after the MTN move. It was a bad idea to move away from IS, latency to our gaming server farm in the UK has shot up by NO LESS than 60ms and I don’t think it is going to improve, ever. MTN’s network will never be as good as the IS network, this move was all about money and not the customer.

  • And I thought I was the only one. These problems seem to have started when I upgraded to a 4 meg line… conincidence

  • bloep

    Good, I really hope they see their backsides tbh, I noticed they are throttling all protocols even http local downloads when enquiring I was pretty much told to piss off, if anyone is left there I really would suggest moving from the mtn circus

  • Im a recent customer. And since ive moved to them I have only had problems. Loaded tons of tickets. But had to always follow up to get a reply. I seriously think you guys who are so unsympathetic haven’t been doing a doing a days IT work. Its hard. And there is not a lot of sleep ever. So we should all be a bit more understanding. Yes there have been a lot of issues and yes we are paying hard earned money for the support and service. But we aren’t children and we know how the real world works. You cant always have what you want and nothing ever works 100 % all the time. And people freaking out and cancelling accounts sobfast for a little issue is just childish and stupid.

Afrihost ADSL problems addressed

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