Xbox 720: Holiday 2013 release date planned

Microsoft is reportedly preparing to release its rumoured next-generation console in the holiday period of 2013, according to Bloomberg.

A source “familiar with the company’s plans” claims that Microsoft’s plan is to capitalise on the Chrismas sales period of 2013, and will launch its new console around Q4.

The actual reveal of the console is also in speculation, as Microsoft is reportedly deciding whether to show off the next Xbox at E3 2013 in June, or devote an entirely different event to the unveiling.

Last week (23 November), rumours that Microsoft will release two different consoles – a hardcore and a casual set-up box – emerged through The Verge.

Xbox dedicated magazine Xbox World also revealed that they have seen Microsoft’s upcoming console, and will introduce Kinect 2.0, Blu-ray compatibility, directional audio, and TV output and input ports.

Other details suggest that the console will feature 8GB of RAM and a CPU that has “four hardware cores, each divided into four logical cores.”

Source: Bloomberg

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  • Saint_Dee

    And so next gen race continues… supposedly. I wonder how this will be priced.

  • GamingGenius

    This will be wonderful as it will usher in a new era of graphics, thereby silencing the irritating PC fanboys who blame consoles for making their games look ugly… Should satisfy them for about 4-6 months before their new generation spec ATI’s/Geforces come out, after which they’ll spend another 6 years complaining about how they aren’t getting their money’s worth

  • General Michael Skywalker

    As much as I love hate your comment you are correct … I bought an ati 5770 a while ago and I’m still using it to play everything on full detail… Lol

Xbox 720: Holiday 2013 release date planned

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