Far Cry 3 PC gamers battle server issues at launch

It seems every time a big multiplayer game release happens, it’s plagued with issues – and unfortunately Ubisoft’s Far Cry 3 is no exception.

As PC Gamers lament always-on internet DRM measures, Ubisoft’s not-quite-DRM-but-can’t-function-without-it Uplay service has proven to be an obstacle to those trying to play the game they paid for – even in single player. Far Cry 3 PC players spent the most part of their first day with the game unable to play any of it due to Ubisoft’s Uplay server issues.

Ubisoft made a statement on Twitter: “We’re very sorry for the server issues affecting Far Cry 3 on PC and are working as fast as possible to restore the service.”

A workaround started making its rounds on the internet – “set Uplay to offline”, which seemed to work for many. However, this workaround unfortunately came from a 3rd party, not Ubisoft themselves.

In their defense, they did manage to get it sorted rather quickly, but this will no doubt bring more internet protest over these kinds of “features” which supposedly enhance the experience, but often end up just hindering it when things don’t go exactly as they should.

To add insult to injury, PC gamers were also stuck with a day-one patch which Ubisoft described as a “critical update that needs to be installed in order to benefit from an optimal game experience”.

Not the best launch then, although also not the worst (I’m looking at you, Diablo 3.)

Source: CVG

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  • Uplay can suck my balls

  • TehBrad

    I had a go at Ubisoft about Uplay already on their forums. It is terrabad. I told them that Origin was better. Tried to enter my AC3 key like 10 times before it worked. Banned my account in the process.

    Steam lets me activate a game by adding a key… not Uplay.

    I can add a game from somewhere other than Steam and it will plug in… not Uplay.

    I can reinstall Windows and Steam does not make me install the entire game again and download all the patches even if I save the install folder… not Uplay.

    Uplay blows chunks. Origin as well to a certain extent. Love it or hate it… Steam still rocks.

  • Glordit

    Sounds like it’s a complete mess.

  • Saint_Dee

    Believe me, it’s worse. I had a 24 hour battle with it trying to get my copy of Far Cry 3 to work or even download the update for that matter. It only worked a day later after I’d tried one dodgy obscure workaround from another angry user on their Facebook page. Let that sink in, their Facebook page, not from support, not from some thread on their forums, no, their freaking Facebook page… I can’t even remember why I ever complained about Origin. It’s brilliant compared to Uplay.

  • Big Publishers kinda ruining the experience, since everyone seems to want their own digital distribution system, to promote their own products. This is not good for PC gaming. When we want more unifying experience for our games. It seems that our games getting more and more separated Steam is brilliant, then came EA with Origin and we said “okay”.. nice attempt but still crap. And now Uplay.. which is leading to flashbacks from when steam started, horrible horrible experience. Blizzard always had battlenet, but and least its not a platform that you have to run all the time to launch any blizzard title..

  • Jackshizz

    Anyone know if this affects DL’ed copies through steam? As far as I know DRM is removed from steam titles in favour of Valve’s own system, so hopefully FC3 should work fine then?

  • TehBrad

    The issue was at launch and is sorted now.

    But running Far Cry 3 in Steam still requires Uplay to launch and then you need to launch the game from there from what I’ve been hearing… I got all the Assassin’s Creeds in a bundle, except 3, through Steam and they also needed Uplay to launch first.

    It is just plain annoying.

  • The Rich

    Absolutely agree – Uplay is definitely the worst, followed by Origin. As much as I think EA is absolutely pathetic for even developing Origin in the first place when we had perfectly good Steam already (talk about trying to reinvent the wheel), what infuriates me is that we are forced to use Origin in order to play their games.

    Uplay and Ubisoft in general lost all my respect back when the last Splinter Cell came out, it was SO full of bugs that it was basically unplayable on my pc until a year or so later when I bought a new pc. Evidently the new hardware made better friends with the game than my previous hardware did.

  • The Rich

    The fact that there was a Day 1 patch at all, tells me that this game was rushed into print/release without proper testing. I am so annoyed by the sheer amount of developers who think this practice is acceptable! It is absolutely unacceptable! Show me any other consumer product that society would agree to buy if what they were buying was an incomplete product?
    “Here’s your new car, Mr Jones.”
    “But where are the wheels, the seats and the headlights? I can’t drive my car at all like this?!?!”
    “Oh don’t worry, we’re still working on the headlights but the wheels and seats will be delivered to you tomorrow. Kthxbai!”

  • ArchieChoke

    I must be one of lucky ones, havent had any of these issues, did get the enter key issue but thats cause I tried to run the game without Steam running it.
    But now I cant even run the game and I was so close to finishing SP, really shouldnt have played the MP.
    Have to wait for a patch now.

Far Cry 3 PC gamers battle server issues at launch

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