The Walking Dead: Assault is a new strategy game for iOS

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Zombies are certainly the flavour of the year, exploding into popularity via movies, television series and video games. If you aren’t yet sick of the genre, there’s something new you can try – a strategy game for iOS based on the Walking Dead comic book series.

Titled The Walking Dead: Assault and developed by Gamagio, it’s a strategy game featuring real-time combat that closely follows the storyline of the comics. Like the comic book series, you begin with Rick waking up in hospital in a world gone mad, and you help him and the rest of the survivors to locate resources and defend themselves.

In a similar vein to the Walking Dead series developed by Telltale, Assault is episodic. The first chapter, Days Gone Bye, introduces the characters and chronicles their early challenges while the follow-up chapters Safety Behind Bars and Fear the Hunters will bring you up to date with the television series.

The gameplay is strategy-based, asking players to keep their group of up to four survivors alive as they move through the zombie-infested streets. Players have to plan their routes carefully; a lot of the time using sounds such as car alarms to create distractions for safe passage.

It’s a good looking game, using a black-and-white style with highlights of colour to bring important aspects into focus – it’s also been optimised for the iPhone 5’s retina display.

Currently you can pick the game up for $1.99 on the App Store, but it’ll reportedly be going up to $2.99 after launch week.

Source: Eurogamer

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The Walking Dead: Assault is a new strategy game for iOS

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