BioShock Infinite “terrible” box art causes internet drama

Another week, another gaming industry controversy – and today, it’s BioShock Infinite’s box art that’s got gamers all up in a furious rage because it wasn’t designed specially for each and every one of them, and features barely half a zeppelin.

Following its big reveal on the official BioShock Infinite Facebook page and later on Reddit, hundreds of gamers / part-time art critics were quick to denounce the “bland”, “generic”, “horrible” artwork for a box that analysts predict will spend most of its time on a shelf, even threatening to boycott the game until it gets a new cover design.

BioShock Infinite box art


“Sorry but this is a pretty generic cover for a not so generic game. Do you really want to attract the kind of people to this game who will not appreciate the game?” asks Darren Greer, who is obviously concerned about maintaining the very elite pedigree of video gamers.

“Aweful [sic], generic & bland cover. I would not even bother picking up the box in s [sic] shop with a cover like that. Poor design choice – hope it does not reflect on the game design. Abandon it and run a competition if not too late,” adds Dave Molloy, who chooses things based exclusively on the packaging.

BioShock Infinite is out in February 2013, with box art that may or may not appeal to you personally.

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  • CrzWaco

    When I saw it on their facebook page the first thing that popped into my head its fking plain ass and ugly. And now they start a huge discussion on it hahaha.

  • Kromas

    Gamers being shallow …. that’s new. I have a suggestion … add Rainbow Dash to the background to make it 20% cooler.

  • Shamrock

    They missed the fact that the flag burning in the background is a not subtle at all reference to America. Most times if you burn an American flag and sell the picture people get really happy.

  • TehBrad

    Can I help?

  • So do I. I think it fits all the trailers I’ve seen about the game so far. Maybe it’s because there’s a serious lack of cleavage? (or females for that matter)

  • TehBrad

    Personally I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. It actually catches my eye.

    Lets make it less generic and put the guy’s arse on the cover instead.

    I look at the box art maybe… twice. When buying the game and when opening it at home. Why rage about something as stupid as this? Rather rage if the gameplay is rubbish… and most of these turds are probably to fat and lazy to go get the retail copy and will just order it off of Steam anyway. No box, no cover, no problem 😉

BioShock Infinite “terrible” box art causes internet drama

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