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South African gamers who have already taken the plunge and picked up Nintendo’s shiny new Wii U console have been concerned with the lack of a South African e-shop on offer.

Plans for a South African e-shop are still “on the cards”, although it’s apparently in the hands of Nintendo Europe.

Speaking with Core, distributor of Nintendo in South Africa, there is a way around the roadblock.

Wii U buyers are urged to create a UK account in order to having access to all the content (paid and unpaid) available on the international store.

Gamers will not only need to create a UK account, but will need to set their console to UK prior to anything.

Selecting “UK” as your console region will allow you to create an account which can access the European e-shop and the content on offer.

Any MyGaming readers pick up their Wii Us on the weekend to encounter this problem? Let us know in the forums and the comments section below.

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Advice for SA Wii U owners

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