Wii U is Time’s #2 Gadget of the Year

Since its launch (and before), the Nintendo Wii U has gotten a lot of mixed responses. Michael Pachter recently made the bold prediction that “no one is going to support it”, and Peter Molyneux continues to be baffled by how to use two screens at once.

However, Time Magazine has chosen the Wii U for their number 2 spot in their “Gadget of the Year” list, being edged out only by the iPhone 5.

Time wrote, “The Wii U’s key innovation is its GamePad, a game controller with a built-in 6.2” touchscreen. It interacts with your TV in different ways in different games, and has the potential to be a big deal if game developers make good use of it.”

The magazine was also impressed by the Wii U TVii feature (despite it not actually being publically available yet): “Also potentially huge: TVii, which combines streaming video from sources such as Netflix with your cable lineup and TiVo recordings. It’s the first time that the famously game-centric Nintendo has poured its heart and soul into a non-gaming feature.”

It would appear that the basis for the Wii U’s second-place spot is built largely on potential, but Time’s praises may fall flat if Pachter’s prediction comes true.

The iPhone 5 topping the list may also be a head scratcher for some, but Time claims that “it’s one of the most artfully polished gadgets anyone’s ever built”, and “Apple still has no peer.”

Is the Wii U worthy of a number 2 spot? Is the iPhone 5 a clear winner? Tell us your views in the comments.

Source: GamesIndustry

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  • Mac

    Apple still has no peer!! What are these guys smoking or are they just blinded Apple fanboys? There are some great mobile devices out there but one just springs to mind really….Nokia Lumia 920!!!!

    From design to build quality the device outshines the iP5 in not only that but when you compare other aspects like innovation and and tech it outclasses the iP5 by miles. Nokia have clearly changed and it shows. Couple that to a promising new OS and their partnerships with MS and others it may now be the time that people start looking at devices with a broader perspective.

    Oh well!! Blind fanboys will be blind!!

  • Quintin Jacobs

    @Mac and haters will be haters I guess?

    Sure Lumia 920 is a good device and I have played with it,I would not get the Nokia since it’s bulky and feels heavy, becomes uncomfortable really quickly. It may be snappy and pretty to look at lying on it’s big and kinda stupid but innovative wireless charging pad.
    Windows 8 did not impress me one bit on the device and finding the iOS 6 on the iPhone a much better and smoother operating system and experience.
    Yes I am an iPhone 4S user and am opting on buy an iPhone 5 once it’s released in SA.

    Sure this battle will go on and on as fanboys are fanboys and haters are haters.

    As for the Wii U, NAH skip it!
    I’ll stick with my Xbox 360, PS3 and PC for now.

Wii U is Time’s #2 Gadget of the Year

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