iTunes Movies available in SA

Users of Apple’s iTunes service with South African accounts can now rent or buy movies.

This comes after Apple recently enabled support for iTunes Music in South Africa.

Enthusiasts browsing through the iTunes Store have commented that the selection of films on the local service is still limited compared to its US counterpart.

South Africans also don’t have access to TV series yet and the “Games” category is still not available from the App Store.

Local films such as “Survival Guide to South Africa” and “Semi-Soet” have also been added to the store.

Rental prices as low as R30 and as high as R40 for new HD releases have been spotted.

SA iTunes users can also buy movies from R90. A new HD release such as Brave costs R150.

iTunes Films in South Africa

iTunes Films in South Africa

Thanks to Lucas for sending this in.

Article courtesy of MyBroadband – iTunes Movies now in SA

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  • m3n4ce

    hmmm at R150 I will rather buy the BluRay version.

  • I love that Apple has finally included the South African market albeit limit, the only problem being bandwidth. This is perfect for uncapped users but for people that doesn’t have the luxury should factor in the price of each GB used. Which in South Africa, could bump up the price of a movie considerably. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if ISP’s could offer exclusive iTunes data packages? On a positive note – this should slowly wean off the dependancy of Torrents – Well, hopefully.

iTunes Movies available in SA

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