Online gaming specials this weekend

Online Gaming Specials

It’s Friday and for a lot of people out there, it’s also the last working day of the year, making this Friday, Best Friday Ever. Or Longest Friday Ever, or maybe Longest Friday Until 5 PM Ever. You know what I mean. It’s Friday!

It’s also Christmas bonus time, and you know if you don’t spend it all on yourself today, you’re probably going to be guilted into paying that overdue credit card bill, and nobody wants that to happen.

So on Steam, you can get Crysis 2 Maximum Edition for just $9.99 (R90 or so), saving 75% off the regular price tag. Yes? Go on. No? What about a free weekend of Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad? If you like it enough to want to keep on playing, it’s also 75% off ($.4.99 or R45) until Sunday.

Other Steam specials include:

Over on GOG, the 2012 DRM-Free Holiday Sale is in go-mode, saving you loads of munnies on loads of games new and old, like:

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Online gaming specials this weekend

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