Microsoft lifts Windows Store ban on 18-rated games

The Windows store has been less-than-friendly towards violent games such as Dishonored, Mass Effect 3 and Assassin’s Creed 3, banning them due to their 18 rating. However, Microsoft has since reconsidered, and has now announced they will be lifting the ban in order to “expand their commitment to Windows Store games”.

Microsoft broke down their new policy in a blog:

“Windows has long been a favourite platform for games of all types, and age rating support for PEGI 18 is another step forward in a rich tradition of supporting gaming on Windows,” wrote Windows Store exec Ted Dworkin.

“In welcoming PEGI 18 games into the Store, we again reinforce two principles – flexibility and confidence – fundamental to the Windows Store. We recognise that people have come to expect and appreciate rich gaming experiences on Windows and this includes games rated PEGI 18.”

Microsoft plans to embrace more violent games such as The Witcher and GTA 4.

The Windows Store app rules originally contained the following:

“Your app must not contain adult content, and metadata must be appropriate for everyone. Apps with a rating over PEGI 16, ESRB Mature, or that contain content that would warrant such a rating, are not allowed. Windows Store apps are appropriate for a global audience.”

Windows 8 has received a rather lacklustre reception in the games industry, with Valve boss Gabe Newell describing it as a “disaster”. This could be the first step in repairing that less-than-stellar first impression.

Source: Eurogamer

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Microsoft lifts Windows Store ban on 18-rated games

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