Valve acquires two man studio set up by Plants vs. Zombies devs

Valve has purchased a new studio, a two man operation set up by former developers of Plants vs. Zombies.

The tiny developer is called Star Filled Studios, founded by ex-PopCap and Blizzard employees. Valve intends to use the studio to open a new Valve office in the San Francisco Bay area.

“Our games are made to be playable by everyone and available on iPhone, Steam and many different platforms,” says the studio’s about page.

Co-founder Jeff Gates made the cell stage of Spore for Maxis, worked on Diablo 3 and worked with Popcap on Plants vs. Zombies.

Gates’ partner Tod Semple spent four years developing the Diablo 3 engine, before moving on to LucasArts to develop the engine for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. He too worked with the team that made Plants vs. Zombies.

Valve has acquired developers in the past, taking over the Left 4 Dead franchise in 2008 by purchasing developer Turtle Rock Studios.

Source: Eurogamer

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Valve acquires two man studio set up by Plants vs. Zombies devs

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