5 Most Offensive Games Ever

Offence is the burden of the offended, really. Well, usually. Some stuff is just so offensive, it’s definitively offensive. Like Paris Hilton’s continued existence, perhaps, or rap or New Balance trainers.

Games, of course, are certainly no strangers to furious controversy – Modern Warfare 2’s been courting moral panic with You Know, That Thing just the last two weeks or so. But You Know, That Thing (and all those other murder simulators corrupting our tender youth) has nothing on these:

Custer’s Revenge (1982)

Also known as Westward Ho (clever) and The White Man Came (clever), Custer’s Revenge is a sort of grand pioneer adventure starring you (General Custer) and a Native American lady named Revenge. Only, this isn’t the sort of dynamic duo pairing of something like, say, Resident Evil 5, because Revenge is tied to a pole and the game is mostly all about having sex with her. But where “having sex” means “raping”. Following on from previous release Beat ‘Em and Eat ‘Em, which is or isn’t what you think it is (depending on just how you think), it’s not exactly shocking that developer Mystique went bang shortly afterwards.

RapeLay (2006)

So running with the general theme of rape then, and Illusion Soft’s RapeLay sees protagonist-antagonist Kimura Masaya stalking and raping a mother and her two daughters, aged 16 and 10. And…well, that’s about it, really. Oh, it’s also possible to get someone pregnant, which results in one of the game’s “bad” endings. The lesson learned here? Try the 10-year old next time, stupid.

Battle Raper: HYPER REALACTION (2002)

Another super classy title from Illusion Soft, this one mixes the action up a bit by combining versus brawling and rape. So think Tekken, but with more…rape. There’s also a sort of fatality move involving a face, tears, and a significant bit of male anatomy. Oh, those wacky Japanese – what will they think of next? Besides Battle Raper 2, of course. Which actually exists.

Left Behind: Eternal Forces (2006)

Left Behind Games’ Left Behind: Eternal Forces (no dearth of creativity here) is a real time strategy set in post-Rapture New York. The Rapture, of course, is some mythological apocalypse sort of thing. Like Ragnarok, but without all the cool monster wolves and frost giants and Thor and stuff.

Anyway, the point of the game is for remaining Christian forces to kill off all the non-Christian forces. You know, because they’re not Christian. Of course, it’s not outrageous bigotry when it’s Jesus, and we’re not allowed to criticise this game or we’ll get this nice letter from Left Behind Games’ attorneys along like everyone else did:

“RE: False information posted on your site about the video game LEFT BEHIND: Eternal Forces

To whom this may concern:

I represent Left Behind Games Inc., the developer and publisher of the LEFT BEHIND series of video games. Your organization hosts a website that has information posted about this game. Unfortunately, there are many statements on your website which appear to be false and misleading. This type of misinformation may cause significant and irreparable harm to Left Behind Video Games Inc. and must be removed.

Left Behind Games Inc. generally supports free speech in the media and understands how important it is to have various opinions presented for public consumption. It will not, however, tolerate the publication of information regarding its products that is false or misleading.

Left Behind Games Inc. is demanding that you immediately remove any and all information contained on your site about the above stated game that is false and/or misleading, including any such statements or commentary and the responses thereto. This includes posted comments made by others in the context of reading the incorrect or misleading statements.

If you do not comply immediately, the company will be forced to pursue additional legal action which will include claims for damages, costs of suit and attorney’s fees. This may subject you and your organization to significant legal and financial damages.”

Ethnic Cleansing (2002)

“The Race War has begun,” reads the promotional blurb on Resistance Records’ website. “

“Your skin is your uniform in this battle for the survival of your kind. The White Race depends on you to secure its existence. Your peoples enemies surround you in a sea of decay and filth that they have brought to your once clean and White nation. Not one of their numbers shall be spared……..”

The casual dereliction of prescribed apostrophe use and egregious abuse of ellipses notwithstanding, it’s probably Ethnic Cleansing’s narrative that’s really most offensive. Well, “narrative”. As a skinhead or Klansman (replayability, guys!), players run through a ghetto shooting blacks and Latinos. Then through a subway shooting Jews. Then through the “Jewish Control Centre” where the end game boss is former Israeli prime minister, Ariel Sharon. Apparently the box art touted “”realistic negro sounds recorded on the spot”. These turned out to be ape and monkey sound bytes. I can’t decide which is worse.

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  • Danny

    well done Tarryn. Nice article the last one is a white supremacist's propaganda though.

  • Tarryn

    And Left Behind is religious propaganda. 😛 They're still games, though.

  • Laharl

    I need to pick these up! I am sooo sick of the same old – same old type games these days. I need something fresh and new!

  • TheOwl

    good list, mist a couple that might have slipped through the cracks though:

    JFK: Reloaded
    your Lee Harvey Oswald, and you assassinate JFK

    Muslim Massacre: The Game of Modern Religious Genocide
    need i say more?

    Postel 2
    a game where you can literally pee on people and make them puke.

    KZ Manager
    you run the holocaust death camps…

  • Dan Parmenter

    You forgot Daikatana.

  • Jam

    Left Behind isn't about killing non-Christians 'just because'. It's about converting them and using them to kill the Antichrist and his organisation.

    It's based on a series of books about Christians who weren't quite good enough to go to heaven when the Rapture came but who are now 'born again'. I guess people don't remember when the books were super popular in the late 90's.

    I'm not going to criticize it, for the same reason you don't, but suffice as to say that it is equally as offensive to most Christians as it is to atheists and people of other religious groups.

  • Tarryn

    Jam, I'm well aware of that, as well as the optional conversion gameplay. Of course, I'd consider the conversion angle just as reprehensible. Moreover, the legions of Satan include musicians? I mean, honestly. Didn't we left that ridiculous heavy metal moral panic in the 80s?

    I remember when this game was released and caused quite the ruckus. But just as offensive to most Christians is still offensive, isn't it?

  • Wolfman

    The only criticism I have is the overall focus on sexual games and rape. Yes I understand it's an atrocity that struggles to find an equal but I was really surprised Postal 2 was not included. @Tarryn+Jam I agree with both points, it's just as offensive to Christians and non-christians, me being the former.

    Btw what is up with the article pic and thumbnail for it? On the thumbnail (on the right hand sidebar) the girl's shirt does not expose any skin on her chest and on the actual article pic it does but is covered by the black stripe.

  • EffKay

    Some true whackjobs out there alright… and I'm not exactly a saint either but these "games" are dabbling in matters far in excess of their "game" monikers.

    Whatever happened to the time when the worst thing which could happen from too much pacman was to end up sitting up sitting in the dark, listening to repetitive music, eating pills and seeing ghosts everywhere.

  • Nic Simmonds

    The article images are literally identical. They probably just appear different due to the caption being plastered across it in the article view.

  • Tarryn

    I must admit, I just don't think Postal or Postal 2 are all that offensive. There's a sort of comic mischief, maybe even a sense of parody, to both games that somehow mitigates its more edgy content. Maybe I'm just desensitised to violence in games, but there you have it. I certainly don't think they're anywhere near as vile (or vile at all, for that matter) as something like RapeLay.

  • ikaris


    Most the people in this world, especially those who play video games are very desensitized to violence.

  • Anonymous

    "Apparently the box art touted" "realistic negro sounds recorded on the spot”. These turned out to be apes and monkey sound bytes.


    I am African American but I find that really funny only because its so stupid.

  • NO

    I find it funny because they're so realistic.

  • TPex

    Thanks for intresting article Tarryn

  • xino

    and I thought Left Behind was funny. But "The Race War has Begun"..lol damn

    Mother farking rapelay:P

  • Freeman

    Author you are such a rationalizing hypocrite. Do you only own a WII and play Mario brothers? Most games try to take you to a world that doesn't exist otherwise and a lot of the top games are extremely violent and most people play them and are fine in that fantasy world. What poeople do is either good or evil not what they play that idea is infantile. I would never buy any of the games you listed but that doesn't give you the moral authority to stand on your soap box and act like a politically correct idiot. Quit mouthing what the politically correct what to hear and think for yourself. If some muslem kid wants to buy and play game to shoot Americans then in America, you know founded on freedoms, he should be able to. Morally reprehensible, what large words for a tiny mind.

  • ANON

    i agree with what FREEMAN says. hypocrite

  • FrUm

    I think I missed the part where the author said anything about the people who play these games? Because it looks like he's just writing about the games. You wear New Balance shoes, don't you?

    The Custer one is old news, but nice article.

  • herpderp

    why so butthurt?
    Gamers don't give a **** about the rest of the world.

  • fuck you if you get offended.

    Fucking love games that offend people. The more the merrier. If you don't like it then you can go **** you mum in the arse or your little sister. **** !!!!

    LOL !!

    ha ha ha ha ha !!!!

  • Freeman

    Nice straw man argument FRUM if you don't know what to say change the subject. You have a little ADD in you DNA.

  • lmao

    always a blast to see people argue over something not worth fighting over, the point of the artical is to show a persons view, not to diss on the game, or the people who play it, but last time i checked (being in America) freedom of speech is still in effect, @ Freeman, i understand your arguement, but why try to sit back and call a man a hypocrit when in reality no one is perfect, were all hypocrits at one time or another, @ the artical, its a good artical lol never knew any of those exhisted, i tend to stick to warefare games and combat simulators, kinda makes you wonder what some people will actually think of next… Btw, CODMW2 is epic 🙂

  • frUm

    @Freeman: If I can just return your attention to the first part of my reply: "I think I missed the part where the author said anything about the people who play these games? Because it looks like he's just writing about the games." No straw man there, I'd already made your criticism entirely irrelevant, and moved on to making fun of you.

  • Should_the_wood

    Where can i download these games Link Please

  • Freeman

    Come on Frum your want us to believe that the author is just attacking the game not the writers and players. If you buy that your dumber than a bag of hammers. You would also believe that MW2 should be taken away because it depicts war crimes (http://www.n4g.com/industrynews/News-433126.aspx). Oh and about making fun of me, what are you two years old stick to the topic.

  • Jinx McHue

    "the point of the game is for remaining Christian forces to kill off all the non-Christian forces."

    No, it's actually not. You cannot win the game by wiping out all non-Christians. If you were at all directly familiar with the game instead of gaining your information through lying second-hand sources like Talk To Action, you'd know that the game – from the manual to the gameplay to even the website – all make it abundantly clear that killing is to be avoided. Groups neutral and even hostile to evangelical Christianity agreed on this. The Anti-Defamation League – no friend of evangelical Christianity – acknowledged that violence was "an option only used by players if necessary when their forces are attacked" and that "[c]onversion to Christianity in the game is not depicted as forcible in nature, and violence is not rewarded in the game." Additionally, well-established, long-trusted, and neutral game reviewers like IGN, Ars Technica, and GameSpy all denied the accusations against the game that it promoted "convert or kill" violence or that it contained objectionable levels of violence.

  • Jinx McHue
  • YourKidsClub

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  • anonymous

    the atheist video game was created by ejz games

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5 Most Offensive Games Ever