Video game industry stalwarts make their 2013 predictions

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As the year comes to a close, GamesIndustry asked some people in the industry what kind of things we can expect in 2013 – these were some of the more interesting predictions.

Jesse Divnich, of EEDAR, believes GTA V will top the sales charts.

“Last year, I made a similar prediction, but unfortunately the title was delayed into 2013.

“If GTA V is released in the spring of 2013, it will become the number one grossing title of 2013 for all of interactive entertainment. Consumers have been starved for a great AAA single player experience for some time and we believe there is enough pent up demand for GTA to once again set some records.”

Michael Pachter wasn’t one to be left out, with 3 big predictions for next-gen consoles: a Wii U price cut, a PS4 announcement and no nextbox in 2013.

“Wii U will get a price cut-I think that the Wii U will sell out for the first several months, but think that once the PS4 is announced at a competitive price, the Wii U will look overpriced. At the same time, we will probably see Xbox 360 and PS3 discounted to under $200 at some time in 2013, so the Wii U will have to price closer to those consoles to remain competitive.

“The PS4 will be announced during the first quarter, and will launch before year-end-expect Sony to try to get a head start on Microsoft with an announcement before E3, likely in the first quarter of 2013. I think that PS4 will be built from commodity components, allowing Sony to charge a competitive price (likely $399 or less), and will be packed full of multimedia functionality. Sony has made great progress with PSN, and an improved dashboard would help gamers discover all of the features of the new device.

Expect the Xbox 720 announcement at E3-I don’t think the Xbox 720 will come out in 2013, but think that Microsoft will announce the device at E3, with a launch date in early 2014. The problem with a 2013 launch is that the feature set is not yet decided, and I think that the box will be able to receive television programming live, meaning that Microsoft has to negotiate with cable TV providers to deliver the box and integrate its functionality into the existing cable infrastructure. That’s pretty complicated, so it could take time. Expect the Xbox 720 to be subsidized by cable TV providers, much like cell phones are subsidized by carriers, with a likely retail price under $200 (and maybe under $100).”

Billy Pidgeon of Inside Network believes that while the audience for gaming is growing, 2013 will be its peak.

“Games are a mainstream medium for the mass market. There are more people playing games today than there have ever been. There are more than 250 million gamers on Facebook alone. I do not believe the hardcore gamer base has decreased, but I do believe they are playing games differently. Gamers are playing fewer AAA games for longer periods of time and multiplayer is a preferred play mode for many. Gamers are extending play in their favorite games with add-on content, and can access high quality games on more platforms than ever before.

“Many gamers who started out playing relatively simple casual games are more sophisticated, expect better gameplay and are willing to pay for it. And they don’t have to turn to consoles to get better games.”

What are your predictions for the industry in 2013? Share your crystal-gazing in the comments.

Source: GamesIndustry

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Video game industry stalwarts make their 2013 predictions

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