New Aliens: Colonial Marines trailer reveals story

Gearbox has been spoiling us with Aliens gameplay videos, having already shown off the campaign and multiplayer aspects of the game.

This time a new trailer showcases more of the story for fans of the franchise.

First up we’re treated to Corporal Dwayne Hicks’ final distress signal from LV-426, and discover all the marines from the original mission, sent from the USS Solaco 17 days ago, are considered KIA.

We’re also introduced to some of the central characters, such as leader Captain Cruz and some of the core marines from the USS Safora such as Bella and Winter.

Gearbox have clearly attempted to please fans of the films, and there’s a lot of detail that movie buffs will appreciate, particularly in the story as it follows what happened after the events of the Aliens film.

Check it out:

Source: CVG

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New Aliens: Colonial Marines trailer reveals story

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