Dead Space 3 producer talks Kinect, co-op and more

Dead Space 3 is on its way to us in the new year, and executive producer Steve Papoutsis sat down with CVG to give them the skinny on Kinect, co-op play and what scares players.

Papoutsis said the team was excited to work with Kinect. “When we got the opportunity to sit down with Dead Space 3 we asked, ‘Well what can we do with Kinect?’ How can we make that feel like an addition to the game that makes it fun and really leverages the strengths of Kinect?”

And it sounds like they’ve delivered too, with players’ voices actually playing a role. “We actually have some commands that people will need to figure out. But there are commands where you might be in a certain situation and you might yell a specific expletive and it might behave in a way that you want it to. We definitely have done some things there…”

He also added that “Kinect’s actually working out really well.”

Talking co-op play, Papoutsis explains how they’ve managed to build on the series’ theme of dementia – making players at home feel like they may be going crazy.

“We were able to utilize dementia in a way that allows Carver and Isaac to see different things from time to time.

“That creates an interesting dynamic when you’re sitting in your house, I’m sitting in my house, and now I’m saying, ‘What are you doing man? Help me out here – what are you doing!?’ And you’re saying, ‘Are you crazy? I’m seeing something totally different, you’re not seeing this?’”

Papoutsis recognises that fans may be a little wary of a new character, Carver, suddenly becoming as important a part of the series as Isaac. “We’re going to do it with care, and we’re going to be sensitive to what our players want and we’ll make sure the character is integral to our universe, has an interesting and compelling back-story, has strengths, has weaknesses, and throughout the game goes on a journey where we see him grow.”

Papoutsis also discusses the difficulties of making a game scary when you yourself know everything that is coming. The answer? Guinea pigs.

“When we work together on horror moments we definitely try them out on people because sometimes an artist doesn’t see it because they’re not working on that part of the game and so we giggle and watch what happens when they do it. People who are in production generally, we have to know about the whole things so we don’t really get that completely virginal experience so to speak. So it makes it challenging because we don’t want to become totally desensitised. We do have to do a lot of testing in our game lab and observing of people.”

Dead Space 3 is slated for a European release of February 8th next year.

Source: CVG

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Dead Space 3 producer talks Kinect, co-op and more

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