Activision’s Walking Dead gameplay footage reportedly leaked online

Are you sick of zombie games yet? What about zombie games based on The Walking Dead? The shambling, brain-eating undead are certainly the flavour of the year, and just before 2012 comes to an end a new (alleged) gameplay video has leaked online.

Activision is currently working on an FPS title based on The Walking Dead franchise – but the publisher has yet to reveal anything official. However, Guru3D member “Stone Gargoyle” has shared a Youtube video which is allegedly actual gameplay footage of the game.

There’s no way to sugarcoat this – it looks kind of bad. If this is indeed the real deal, then it’s clearly a very, very alpha version of the game with a lot of polishing still to be done. Make sure you watch it you think of it from that perspective, otherwise you’re going to be sorely disappointed by every frame.

Activision have yet to make any comment on the video, but it would take a fair bit of effort to fake something like this – it’s certainly SOME kind of Walking Dead game; albeit a generic, kind of ugly one. Check it out:

Source: DSOGaming

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  • Currentlyme

    Call of Duty would like its engine back.

  • Marigold

    There’s only one Walking Dead game, and that’s the Telltale one.

  • puna

    Quake 1 bgm ftw!

  • Johann Botha

    yep, its my GOTY 2012.

  • Glordit

    Just like the IW, MW and the BLOPS 2 engines! (which are all basically all the same) then again Activision will name this the Walking Dead engine 1.0 or something retarded like that.

  • there is no proof this is from activision…

Activision’s Walking Dead gameplay footage reportedly leaked online

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