World of Warcraft EU goes down; universe implodes

It would appear the Mayans are a little sloppy with their Armageddon predictions – the world actually ended yesterday.

On Saturday, the 29th of December, a day which shall live in infamy, the European World of Warcraft servers went down for nearly a full day. Keyboards were destroyed, families torn apart and Blizzard will likely be growing a beard and frequenting the same shady bar as THQ within the next few weeks.

An official sticky thread on the forums quickly racked up a staggering 1000 posts of angry gamers threatening to financially and publically ruin the developer – this being the downside of having a player base of several millions.

Server issues were being reported as early as the 28th, but on the 29th they quickly became unplayable for nearly 18 hours – a significant downtime for such a massive server. To Blizzard’s credit, they posted hourly updates on the status of the server and the repair, before they finally went back up around 10pm.

Were you affected by the server outage? Did you spew vitriol over the Blizzard forums? Share some more of it below.

Source: Blizzard EU

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World of Warcraft EU goes down; universe implodes

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