Kid’s Christmas 3DS gets replaced by rocks

Not everyone can be nice in time for Christmas, and sometimes instead of opening up a brand new 3DS, it turns out Santa has left you a box full of rocks, literally.

That’s exactly what happened to a young boy in Talladega, Alabama, who found his console had been replaced with rocks wrapped in tissue paper.

The Nintendo has been bought from a nearby Wal-Mart, who quickly replaced her expensive rocks with the real deal.

Apparently the same thing had been happening with iPads, where thieves would replace the tablet with notepads.

“Check your merchandise. Just check it before you leave the store, make sure it’s in there and don’t get home and be surprised, like if you found what I found,” the mom said.

According to Wal-Mart, what’s happening is people are buying the products, replacing the items with weighty junk and then returning it to the store. Employees have now been instructed to check the merchandise before issuing a refund.

Source: MyFoxAl

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  • hahahahaha this is just too good…poor guy!

  • Rynier G Schoeman

    WTF that wallmart statement? THeir Excuse is people returning the product? WHy is this product put back on the Shelves as new?

  • Kromas

    Its a return policy based on if the package has been opened or not. Happens a lot and is called buyers remorse. Stores actually get quite a lot of returns of unopened goods like that due to people not really having the money to buy crap and have to return it unopened. Human nature is a weird and wonderfull thing.

  • Mason Claasen

    Still, if it was unopened, how did the rock get in there? If it was opened, why did they put it back on the shelf as new?

  • Kromas

    I can open a package and reseal it to look unopened with very little effort.

Kid’s Christmas 3DS gets replaced by rocks

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