Blizzard reportedly porting to Linux


Blizzard is rumoured to be working on a Linux port, bringing one of the company’s titles to Ubuntu sometime in 2013, according to Phoronix.

The website claims to have heard from a “reliable source” with “additional proof” that at least one of the publisher’s games will make it to Linux this year.

The source also said that Blizzard’s plan is to test the water with Linux gaming, and to see if there’s a future for Blizzard titles on the platform.

In December 2012, Valve opened up the beta testing phase for Steam on Linux, adding to a positive-looking future for gaming on the penguin-powered platform.

Source: Phoronix

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  • MyGaming really needs to learn the difference between Linux and Ubuntu. Steam and the Blizzard announcement above is specifically for Ubuntu, you can’t run apps on the Linux kernel.

  • TehBrad

    If you look at the Steam site they have a Linux section. Actually labelled that.

    I guess calling Ubuntu a Linux distribution is too much of a hassle. Let’s just shorten it!

  • Vorastra

    Yoohoo, GamingGenius, this is the part where you complain about how Linux distro’s are rubbish and causing saturation.

    I say this, since it is inevitable.

  • Kromas

    Seriously? When I think Ubuntu the first thing that comes to mind is Linux … not windows not Unix not Apple OS. Yes Ubuntu is a derivative of Debian Linux and Debian is just one of the 5 Major Distributions. Its Linux in the same way A Citi Golf and a Jetta are both VW.

Blizzard reportedly porting to Linux

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