Panasonic ultra-HD OLED TV unveiled

Panasonic is showing off a prototype TV that combines the two hottest technologies at this year’s gadget show in Las Vegas: organic light-emitting diodes and ultrahigh definition.

The president of the Japanese electronics company, Kazuhiro Tsuga, showed off the prototype during a keynote speech on Tuesday, the opening day of the International CES. OLED TVs are hard to manufacture, and Tsuga didn’t mention any plans for commercialization.

Thanks to OLED technology, the 56-inch (142-centimeter) set from Panasonic Corp. is less than half an inch (1.25-centimeter) thick and weighs 27 pounds, about half of what equivalent conventional sets weigh.

The set has four times the resolution of today’s high-definition sets. Several other manufacturers are selling LCD sets capable of that resolution, and more have been announced ahead of this year’s show.

Source: SAPA-AFP

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Panasonic ultra-HD OLED TV unveiled

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