Xbox 720 specs leaked, rumour has it

Leaked specifications on the next-generation Xbox have emerged thanks to NeoGAF members who uncovered the details on a Chinese forum.

The original Chinese poster claims to have been an Ubisoft employee, and threatened to spill the beans on the next-gen console if Microsoft doesn’t at do so at E3 2013.

Another user, who also claims to be an “insider”, went ahead and posted some specs on what may be inside the unannounced console.

It is claimed that the next-gen Xbox will sport an AMD 8-core processor, 8GB of RAM, an AMD Radeon HD 8000 Series GPU, a 640GB HDD, and run the Windows 8 kernel.

Whether these specs hold up to the inevitable reveal remains to be seen, but either way the gaming market will be heating up, as Nvidia recently showed off its Project Shield console, Valve has discussed its Steam Box, and a number of Android consoles are on their way.

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  • Kurike

    nothing really surprising about those specs, i reckon it’s just some guys guess and trying to pass it off as an “insider” *yawn*

  • guest

    I believe the Radeon 8000 series will ship later this year… If so then this GPU is too old to stick into a next gen console. If the console is only to ship in 2014 (And by 2014, I think we can safely expect it to come around Q4) then the Radeon 9000 series will be bidding farewell to make way for AMD’s 2015 generation card… The console will be packing an almost 2 year old GFX card on release?

    Say what you will, but M$ are not scrooges when it comes to hardware. The ATI chip in the Xbox 360 was quite advanced for its time of release. Sure 3 months later there were new cards around (which, today are fairly weak) but Sony on the other hand delivered their console a year later with a GeForce 7 series card.

    In short, I think if the Xbox 720 is to ship in 2014, it will have a Radeon 9000 series card with extra features from the unreleased 2015 model cards. As was the case with the Xbox 360 whereby it had ATI R520 hardware but incorporated many features that were to be used in the R600 series released a year later

  • It’s not really like they simply slap in a desktop part. Console manufacturer’s GPU chipset partners custom-design a chipset based on their existing architecture, but with tweaks and additions to give it an edge in delivering the console gaming experience and provide longevity.

    I do agree though; let’s stick the absolute bleeding edge components into the Xbox 720. Another consideration is the process from design to manufacture, and the time in between that during which a component can become slightly dated.

Xbox 720 specs leaked, rumour has it

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