Microsoft IllumiRoom might face patent trouble

A patent filed in 2010 could cause Microsoft some headaches, as the 3-year old patent sounds awfully similar to Microsoft’s new Illumiroom technology.

The patent, filed by the BBC on behalf of inventor Thomas Graham Alexander, describes a technology which incorporates a “surround video stream” which is “projected onto wall and other surfaces adjacent the television.”

“The surround video stream may derive from a wide angle lens camera positioned alongside the main camera.”

“Moving objects represented in the main video signal may be synthesized in the surround video to provide the perception of movement across the viewer’s full field of view.”

These descriptions tie into what we saw from Microsoft’s Illumiroom demonstration, where particle effects and other game elements were projected beyond the parameters of the screen.

That said, it’s a pretty vague concept of technology that supposedly many people have been working on for years.

Do you think someone should be able to patent such a technology? Let us know below and in the MyGaming forums.

Source: Reddit

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Microsoft IllumiRoom might face patent trouble

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