Monkey Island insult sword-fighting free in browser

Monkey Island Insult - You make me want to puke

Fans of the original Monkey Island series will fondly remember the wacky sword-fighting mechanics in the game.

Swordplay had little to do with your chances in Monkey Island, it all came down to who had the sharper wit and the snappiest comeback.

A modder named Karzahas has put together an homage to the classic PC gaming insult simulator, combining the straight-forward insult swagger of Monkey Island 1 and the rhyming rippers of Monkey Island 3.

You can play the game here: Monkey Island – Insult Swordfighting Game

While the game is loading, to get into the spirit, check out this classic from Monkey Island 3 – A Pirate I Was Meant To Be!

Via: Eurogamer

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Monkey Island insult sword-fighting free in browser

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