Sony working on new PS4 controller design

PlayStation DualShock controller sliced diced destroyed redesigned

According to CVG’s industry sources, Sony is working on a new controller design for the inevitable PS4. This design will reportedly include biometric sensors in the hand-grips, and an LCD touch-screen.

CVG’s source indicates that the new PS4 controller will borrow from the user interface philosophy of the PS Vita.

It is also suggested that the old PS3 DualShock controllers will work with the PS4, but perhaps only as secondary controllers.

Industry rumours are swirling that both Sony and Microsoft are poised to announce their next generation consoles very soon. The E3 expo is a likely event at which to do this, but Sony also hosting a Destination PlayStation event on 25 February, leading to hopeful speculation that the PS4 will be announced then.

Source: CVG

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Sony working on new PS4 controller design

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