This is how a massive EVE Online battle looks

EVE Online

Over the weekend of 26 January 2013, mighty armies clashed in the EVE Online universe in what has been tentatively dubbed the Battle of Asakai.

As spotted by Velocity Gamer, 3,284 players (278 Alliances and 740 corporations) set the heavens ablaze during a 2-hour long space battle royale.

While player’s personal reports from the battle are trickling in, some harrowing details have emerged. As reported by Velocity Gamer, one EVE player lost a space ship worth US$800 (±R7,175) – a vessel worth a couple of months of play time.

With stakes this high, the battles seem that much more intense, although I’m not sure I could handle the loss myself.

Personally, I don’t know much about how EVE Online works, and the time investment required seems quite daunting – however, these epic space battle scenes make for a convincing argument for getting into CCP Games’ persistent space-world MMO.

Resident EVE fan Jan Vermeulen was consulted for insight into the subtle political and economical influences that lead to this mighty conflict, but he simply told me to “harden the f$%& up!”.

Check out a time-lapsed video of the battle below, with screenshots below that. Follow the link for detailed stats on the battle.

Source: Velocity Gamer

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  • It all started because a titan jumped into an enemy system by mistake and was caught. His alliance then mobalised to try rescue it. It just kept escalating as the sides threw more people at it.

  • You use no more time than in any other game you play. Ships of that size and worth are paid for by the collective alliance. So generally those ships are provided to the top players using money made by the alliance as a whole. Very much the same arrangement as any real life military.

  • He was in a bad alliance probably. The only time the alliance wont give you money to buy a new one is if you lose your ship in a non-fleet operation or due to pure stupidity.

  • Fair enough, but how much time investment went into making that money. And how much time is needed to become a top-tier player in any given alliance.

    I gave EVE a shot once, but it just takes too long for anything to happen – and I’m not that patient. It requires a very specific mindset to play EVE – one I don’t have. I’ll settle for quick and cheap thrills :p

    Also, I like soloing, and anecdotal evidence suggests that this isn’t a valuable survival trait in the EVE universe.

  • The Rich

    Maybe it’s because I have never played EVE but honestly I watched that video and I still don’t really know what I just watched. To me it’s just a mass of colourful blobs with the occasional shot of a planet.

  • It is zoomed a pretty bad video! I’m guessing he zoomed right out to show the scale of the battle and also so that his pc didnt have to try render all of those ships XD

  • The Rich

    Fair point. Thanks for clarifying good sir.

This is how a massive EVE Online battle looks

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