GeForce Experience hits open beta


Nvidia has opened up the beta version of their Experience PC optimisation app, which offers driver update notifications and optimisations for a range of PC hardware setups on an expanding list of modern games.

GeForce Experience optimizes graphics settings in your games based on your hardware configuration. NVIDIA performs extensive game testing for various combinations of GPUs, CPUs, and monitor resolutions and stores this information in the NVIDIA cloud. GeForce Experience connects to the NVIDIA Cloud and downloads optimized game settings tailored specifically to your PC.

Supported hardware for driver updates includes:

  • Desktop GPUs: GeForce 8, 9, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 Series or higher.
  • Notebook GPUs: GeForce 8M, 9M, 100M, 200M, 300M, 400M, 500M Series or higher.

To grab the beta version head on over to the Nvidia website: GeForce Experience

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  • Dumbass Experience by Nvdia, when you’re too dumb to optimise your own graphical settings. Okay I don’t really have a problem with this but they do kind make it sound like the eye candy is provided by nvidia (as a bonus) not the rendering engine which is using your hardware to render,

    I own GTX 670 in SLI so not an AMD fanboy trolling.

  • Cyrokrypto

    I must agree with you, its just another program that will hog resources…

  • Vorastra

    Or maybe it’s for people who don’t know what they are doing….not EVERYONE who buys a PC knows exactly what’s going on.

    Some people just want to install and play….

  • Apologies for the quick flame there Vorastra. You have a point which is why on the face of it I don’t have a problem with the software. I just don’t agree with the marketing twist. As google says don’t be evil.

  • Uberutang

    I rather like the software. I have no idea what fxaa, txaa, cxaa, mxaa etc means or does, but this seems to give me at least 10fps on each game I have tried it on, so good stuff. It also manages to set a few things in Batman Arkham City that I cannot set myself! (DX11 features that greys out when you change other settings in the game settings menu, but via this is sets up … )

  • Stevovo

    I think this has potential for experienced users as well. For eg. An expert will know what ambient occlusion is, but might not immediately know whether it will cause issues with a specific game or not.

GeForce Experience hits open beta

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