FNB Connect to offer zero-rated gaming traffic?

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MyGaming has received information from a reliable source that FNB Connect is considering zero-rating gaming traffic on its ADSL data products. This would mean that FNB Connect data customers would not see gaming protocols contributing to their data usage.

MyGaming asked Farren Roper, head of FNB Connect ISP and Business Operations, for feedback on this issue, but he would not divulge any details.

“I cannot confirm or deny whether we will zero rate gaming on our FNB Connect ISP network as we do not wish to give away any competitive advantage,” said Roper.

“Currently we zero rate website traffic to a number of websites including all FNB sites, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and YouTube, as well as educational sites like Universities and WikiPedia.”

Roper highlighted that FNB gives its banking customers up to 5GB of free ADSL each month, adding that customer have been using this data for gaming.

Roper said that FNB’s ISP business will be offering new, innovative products in the very near future.

“We are always scouting for opportunities to add more value,” Roper said.

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  • StevenBurrell

    They only zero rate between 7pm and 11pm, so its practically nothing.

  • Walter

    i get 6 gig bandwith free and use it for conecting as a secondary connection when other isp is offline etc.This helped me out alot in the past.But could copletely switch if these services inprove!Reliability latency(GAMING) is what south africa needs not high speed downloads.At the end i use connections for my business and pleasure!

  • If that is what they implement, sounds like prime gaming time.

FNB Connect to offer zero-rated gaming traffic?

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