How much money did EA make in the holiday period?

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EA has announced its preliminary financial results for its third fiscal quarter ended 31 December 2012 (Q3FY13) – a key period for the gaming industry as it looks to the holiday season to bolster figures. The colossal publishing company reported a total net revenue of $922 million (R8.3 billion), which is down from the $1.06 billion (R9.6 billion) reported in the previous year’s period.

EA lists a $45 million loss, compared to a $205 million loss from the same quarter in the previous year.

“The revenue shortfall was a result primarily of a miss with our Medal of Honor title and stronger than expected sector headwinds for console packaged goods,” Chief Executive Officer John Riccitiello said in an earnings call with analysts.

Despite the shortcoming for the company, there were some really impressive stats from EA.

FIFA 13, as expected, sold bucket-loads – 12 million to be exact. It was a 23% increase versus FIFA 12’s sales in the prior year.

Digital revenue from FIFA 13 racked up over $100 million, which was a 98% increase that FIFA 12 brought in.

Battlefield 3 Premium, BF3’s paid service, pulled in $108 million in sales over the third quarter, and now has 2.9 million subscribers.

EA also saw a huge bump in the mobile department, as the publisher became the number one publisher in the iOS game market, as well as generated around $100 million from EA’s mobile game service.

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Selected EA Operating Highlights and Metrics

*On a non-GAAP basis

  • FIFA 13 sold through over 12 million units through the third quarter, a 23% increase versus FIFA 12 in the prior year.
  • FIFA 13 digital net revenue topped $100 million* in the quarter, a 98% increase versus FIFA 12 in the prior year.
  • Total FIFA digital net revenue generated over $230 million* in the first three quarters of fiscal 13, including EA SPORTS FIFA Online 2 and FIFA World Class Soccer that together contributed over $60 million*.
  • Battlefield 3 Premium generated over $108 million in sales through the third quarter, and has 2.9 million subscriptions to date.
  • EA had six of the top twenty titles in Western World retail markets in 2012, compared to four in 2011, and was the #1 global publisher in the iOS game market for 2012.
  • The Simpsons: Tapped Out was a top grossing iOS game for the quarter, generating over $23 million* in digital net revenue.
  • EA’s games and services for mobile, including handhelds, have generated approximately $100 million* in the quarter, an 18%* year-over-year increase in digital net revenue.
  • EA’s Origin platform for downloading digital games and services has registered over 39 million users, including 17 million mobile users.
  • EA has signed agreements with 86 independent developers for Origin.
  • Trailing twelve-month non-GAAP digital net revenue was up 37% to a record $1.5 billion*.
  • Trailing twelve-month operating cash flow was $378 million, a $135 million improvement versus the prior year.
  • EA repurchased 12.2 million shares at a cost of $157 million in the third fiscal quarter, pursuant to a $500 million Share Repurchase Program announced on July 31, 2012, bringing the total shares repurchased under the current program to 20.6 million shares at a total cost of $265 million.
  • Dead Space 3 pre-sells are outpacing Dead Space 2, and Crysis 3 pre-orders are tracking 40% ahead of Crysis 2.
Source: EA Investor

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How much money did EA make in the holiday period?

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