BT Games launches XL store with sales special

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BT Games will be launching a new XL store in the East Rand Mall, Johannesburg, on Saturday 2 February 2012. A number of specials will be available on the day to mark the grand opening.

On top of the opening day specials, BT Games will be giving away a number of prizes, including SWAG such as branded game T-shirts, keyrings, beanies, DLC codes, and other goodies.

A spokesperson for BT Games told MyGaming that the stores feature more interactivity and attractions for customers above their standard BT Games store fronts.

At East Rand Mall BT Games XL there will be six TVs showing the latest trailers information on games and other products.

All major consoles and hand-helds will be on display so consumers can try their hands on the devices.

The store boasts 10 till-points, and BT Games said their floor-staff will be fully trained to inform customers on the products available.

On top of permanent store features, BT Games intends to partner with other consumer brands to showcase new products, such as their recent Nokia Lumia display.

BT Games will also be pushing to feature more game launches at their stores to foster the social elements of gaming.

Store-based competitions will also be part of the routine, such as recent Rocksmith and Forza Horizons competitions in which gamers could play the games in-store and be entered into a prize draw.

BT Games XL East Rand Mall launch specials

A number of AAA games, games bundles, sonsole bundles, and peripherals are being discounted for the launch.

BT Games has also confirmed a late addition to the line up – a range of Turtle Beach audio products.

  • PC – Ear Force (Z6A): R999.99
  • PS3 – Ear Force (PX21): R699.95
  • X360 – Ear Force (XP500): R1,999.95

Check out the sales brochure below, and give the images a click to enlarge:

BT Games XL East Rand page 1

BT Games XL East Rand page 1

BT Games XL East Rand page 2

BT Games XL East Rand page 2

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  • XL store with XL @$%hole employees.

  • AcidRaZor

    You can say that again. I spent 15 minutes in-store looking for a copy of Rainbow 6 (not the latest one for pre-order). Employees SAW me looking for that amount of time, wasn’t busy in the store. So one of them were packing away titles or whatever, and I asked them if they had a copy. They stop, stand next to me and then start looking at the same spot I was looking at. Fucking idiots

  • The Rich

    Wait, 10 tillpoints? Are that many people actually still buying that many hard copies of games? I must be doinitwrong with Steam!

  • I was at BT games this morning, and it was absolute bedlam. It took me an hour to actually get into the store! Once you were in the store, you had to queue again to get to the specials (all the specials were behind the tills, and you had to specifically ask for them).

    The revamped store looked great, but it seems smaller than before. I think most of the specials were finished in a few hours, and I know that all the consoles were sold within an hour or so.

BT Games launches XL store with sales special

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